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One of the worldwide leader of the microstock market. The price for the images is completely in the cellar, approximately 20 euro ct remain per download, bang-hard selection at the beginning by hurdle of 7 from 10 example photos, disburses itself however nevertheless.

Only for patient recommendable
The photos are sold on a subscription basis, which hum monthly pay and for it all will be downloaden WHAT realy new comes on ther screen.

Some of the contributers say, they have allways upload a few pictures a week, to keep on selling on the microstock library.

After a half of a year i earned more than 500$, and from this time up i get 0,33 $ for one download. and it is still running. simple microstock - but running.

tody agot a mail from shutterstock: "Congratulations! You have reached $3000 or more in all time Shutterstock earnings and your Standard License payout rate has been increased to $0.36 per download" - fantastic!

If you are registering by a refferal link of me, send me an eMail with your registing code and I help you through the approval process.

After first 6 month:

Online: 709 images
Sold: 2201 photos
earning: 567,- $

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