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The headquarter of the photo agency, which is a grey range of microstock and macro stock, is seated in Bavaria. Good and rapidly uploaden by ftp, selection process could do sometimes faster, however, there is the possibility to evaluate your photos by the community. In the german market, there are only few sales altogether, but one obtains per photo or vectors a higher price per unit. They sell the files depending upon size between 4,9 and 49 euro, the photographer earns 50% if the picture is exclusiv to panthermedia or 30% if you sell the photo for a lower price than on panthermedia.


After my first six months:

Online: 871 pictures
Sold: 26 photos
Cash: 336,- Euro


PantherMedia -  Fotocommunity und Bildagentur für lizenzfreie Fotos

My best photographs on panthermedia:


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